I have been breeding pedigree cats for over 22 years. Firstly I bred Persians which are longhair, and then due to time restraints with grooming and the inevitable knots, I progressed to 'easycare Persians': The Exotic Shorthair. These have the friendly nature of a Persian, but with an easier coat.

We care very dearly about all of our kittens. Every kitten bought from us will be wormed and treated for fleas (if necessary) and insured with 'Pet Plan' for 1 month. A care information sheet and a 7 day a week advice line are also available.

Pedigree Exotic Kittens

Pedigree Exotic Kitten

Prices from £400

Fully vaccinated & vet checked - Pedigree Certificate.

Exotics are mainly “indoor” cats:? 90% of our customer’s keep them in. However, they do enjoy the outdoor gardenlife, and we find the longer they are kept in, before letting them out, the less they want to roam.

Exotic are lovely with a very kind nature towards children and other pets!

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Moggie Kittens

Prices are from £95,?in season from April / May till December

Half Pedigree Kittens

Pedigree Exotic Kitten

All of the half pedigree kittens are fathered by our stud 'Chester'

Prices from £225.

Current kittens we have for sale in store

Please click on the link below to see details of the current kittens we have for sale.

Kittens For Sale Kittens For Sale